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I have always lived spontaneously and with passion in all things that I do. My mother said it best, "You can do or be anything you want, as long as you put your mind to it." Armed with this knowledge, and my parents support throughout my life, whenever I wanted something, if I couldn't afford it, I would make it. I love the challenge of those who doubt my creativity. It only fuels my passion from making animal sculpture and furniture to installing floors and walls. And above all I love to challenge myself.

In art, as in nature, I find the beauty is in the flaw. For without it, there is no conversation. Even with perfection, one is always looking for some small incongruent subtilties, and admires even more, if there are none to be found.

It is human nature and spirit that makes us question, learn and focus on that which interests us. And it is our passion that brings interest to any canvas, medium or subject that we choose to explore. I believe that there is an artistic nature in each us, and given opportunity, one can bring forth that passion and expression.

What I love most is the exploration from concept to finish, from the pictures that I study, to learning the animal's habit, habitat, and characteristics that inspire me to create my whimsical creatures. Other times, it is a core idea with no direction that matures in spirit through the process as I work on a piece. And it is the creative process brought about by the use of mortar or glue and discarded pieces of stone, ceramic, glass, and other found objects that bring it into this physical world. And finally, it is finding a discarded object or treasure that has great potential when transformed into something else.

I feel the importance, environmentally, of recycling materials that I have discovered in my travels. Sometimes it takes 10 or 15 years to find a home for a found object collected and treasured. Other times, I go in search for an object that will best fit the space.

Someone recently commented on my art and said, "the animals have no secrets from you." This is a great compliment.

I do accept commissions and can build functional garden art, such as working birdbaths, pet memorials with solar lighting, garden benches and tables, and much more.

Anything the mind can imagine, can be done.

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