A hairdresser and colorist for 30 years, Jynja started painting in 1986, mainly to prove to herself that she was good at mixing color. She successfully used 5 colors to reproduce photos of " Grandma's Garden" and "Broken Wing."

In 2004, she became interested in stone sculpting, gradually moving into concrete sculpture and mosaics, with building a few memorials of pets that had passed, and a 11 ft. giraffe and 6 ft. polar bear, for Utah's Hogle Zoo's charity auction.

Her life partner is a tile contractor. With his mentoring, and an abundance of tile remnants at hand, she finds that she really enjoys recycling leftovers.

In 2007 her New Year resolution was to create a significant body of work that would find it's way into a gallery. She reached that goal when her sculptures "Harlequin Hound and his Cat-as-Trophies" were put on display in the School of Medicine, Hallside Gallery, at the University of Utah.

Recently (2008) she created a Dimetrodon Loveseat and 2 (7 ft.) DNA strands for the University of Utah, Museum of Natural History's charity auction.


2005 - Silver Queen Hotel, Park City, UT
2006 - Williams Fine Art, Salt Lake City, UT
2007 - Hallside Gallery, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
2008 - Smiling Dog Deli, Belvue, ID

Private Collection:

Zabby Cat - Small Kitty
Abbey Dog (black Lab) (commissioned)
Lamb (commissioned)
Small End Tables (southwestern)
Zeus Table (commissioned)
Planter Table (commisioned)
Bird Bath Foutain (commmissioned)
Greenman Pot (commissioned)

Charity Auctions and in Private Collection:

Hogle Zoo Charity Auction - Giraffe (Kasaru)
Hogle Zoo Charity Auction - Polar Bear (Ande)
Museum of Natural History Charity Auction - Dinosaur Bench (Di metro Don)
Museum of Natural History Charity Auction - DNA strand


Contact Information

700 Columbus St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Phone: 801-243-2673


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